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Diploma Course

Post Graduate Diploma Course
Executive M.B.A.

Why the Management Courses ? 
The influence of globalization and liberalization today demands many structural changes in the current business environment. Rapid changes in different areas and levels of trade and business, at both national and international levels are coming up every now & then. In the competitive world today, only the fittest will thrive and survive. The aim of the Institute is to impart training to students in order to equip them with adequate skills to face the challenges in the management front at different levels.

General Information of Courses

Course Materials
The course materials which will be provided by the concerned institutes of The Global Institutes are designed to follow the adult education method of self-study. The course materials are simple, self-explanatory, yet in-depth & exhaustive. It is enough to study the course materials alone to pass the examinations.

Examination: Two options are introduced for the examination.

The students are assured on the basis of their course assignments and examination. The Global Institutes believe that the three-hour examination is an obsolete method of assessing students’ true potentials.

After the scheduled duration of the course, the Institute should send the question papers to the students, which have to be answered at their comfortable place and timings.

The candidates are required to submit their answer-sheets within the prescribed time limit to the Institute.

This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on their acquired knowledge through course materials as well as their personal experience. TGI has designed this liberal and unique methodology that allows students to make maximum benefits of their knowledge experience.

The panel of faculty and examiners design the question papers in such a way that there may be no option of copying the answers will require personal skills, understanding and analysis of the subject.

If a student desires to appear for 3 hour classroom conventional examination, he can do so. The exam will be conducted in Kolkata centre. However the Centre may be opened in other cities also subject to the sufficient number of students opting for the examination in the concerned city

The students should intimate his choice of option for examination at the time of enrollment.

Grading System of TGI: A++ 80% and above
A+ 70% – 79%
A 60% – 69%
B 50% – 59%
C 40% – 49%

The student to be declared as PASSED should obtain a minimum “C” grade

For Admission, you should send the following records:

  • Filled-in Application Form
  • Attested Xerox copies of the Educational Qualification and Age Proof.
  • Three Passport-size photographs (One photo to be pasted in the Application Form & the other two to be enclosed). Participants name should be written legibly at the back of each photo enclosed.
  • Fees
  • All remittances (fees etc.) should be sent by Cash/M.O./Draft payable to “HOLY ANGELS COLLEGE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES” – MUMBAI. Personal Contact

Personal Contact Programme
Personal Contact Programme (PCP) held at the Institutes Campus as and when required.


About Courses: 
Being the parent body of a number of Institutions, The Global Institutes offers a wide range of courses for study in various fields addressing students & professionals of different age groups and backgrounds. The curriculum of each of the courses caters to the diversified needs of our variety of students.

Our teaching methodology is through specially designed course materials which are study-flexible that is, in a simple and lucid English language so that everyone can understand them as well as get accustomed to independent learning and also develop within themselves the key transferable skills. In the process, the students can be optimally involved in assessment of their own progress while getting the sincere guidance and support from the Institution. The materials aim at helping the students fulfill their intellectual and personal potential in a way that they significantly contribute to each and every role that they play in society. There are case studies in each and every course material which give awareness about the actual work scenario in corporate as well as students who are already employed in an organization are required to do small projects in the form of getting a survey done on a particular industry / product / service or generate their own ideas upon which there are special points. There are also self-rating questionnaires which reflects to an individual student about his Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT Analysis).

The question papers are also designed in a special probing way that is in such a manner that the students get enough scope to come out with their own ideas, views, experiences etc, so that they can design, plan and implement an activity in the future on the basis of their vast range of creative tools i.e. communicative and managerial skills or put in other words, self-learning becomes their reflex action and send nature.

Our assessment system too is very carefully designed. The evaluators of the answer sheets basically assess the proximity of an individual to the grassroots level of practicality.

Diploma Course
Eligibility : Class XII pass or Equivalent
Duration : 1 Year
Medium of Instruction : English
Fees: US$ 250
Diploma in Business Administration (D.B.A)
Diploma in marketing Management (D.M.M.)
Diploma in financial Management (D.f.M.)
Diploma in advertising Management (D.a.M.)
Diploma in human resource management (D.h.r.m.)
Diploma in health care & Hospital Management (D.h.h.M.)
Diploma in labour law (D.l.l.)
Diploma in management information system (D.m.i.s.)
Diploma in marketing research (D.m.r.)
Diploma in sales management (D.s.m.)
Diploma in personnel management (D.p.m.)
Diploma in operation management (D.o.m.)
Diploma in organisational behaviour (D.o.b.)
Diploma in Project management (D.p.m.)
Diploma in public relation management (D.p.r.m.)
Diploma in material management (D.m.m.)
Diploma in management information technology (D.m.i.t.)
Diploma in quality system management (D.q.s.m.)
Diploma in retail management (D.Rt.m.)
Diploma in office management (D.Of.m.)

Post Graduate Diploma Course
Eligibility : Any Graduate
Duration : 1 Year
Medium of Instruction : English
Fees: US$ 350
P.G. Diploma in Business Administration (P.G.D.B.A)
P.G.Diploma in Marketing Management (P.G.D.M.M.)
P.G.Diploma in Financial Management (P.G.D.F.M.)
P.G.Diploma in Advertising Management (P.G.D.A.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management (P.G.D.H.R.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Health Care & Hospital Management (P.G.D.H.H.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Labour Law (P.G.D.L.L.)
P.G. Diploma in Management Information System (P.G.D.M.I.S.)
P.G. Diploma in Marketing Research (P.G.D.M.R.)
P.G.Diploma in Sales Management (P.G.D.S.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Personnel Management (P.G.D.P.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Operation Management (P.G.D.O.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Organisational Behaviour (P.G.D.O.B.)
P.G. Diploma in Project Management (P.G.D.P.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Public Relation Management (P.G.D.P.R.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Material Management (P.G.D.M.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Management Information Technology (P.G.D.M.I.T.)
P.G. Diploma in Quality System Management (P.G.D.Q.S.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Retailmanagement (P.G.D.Rt.M.)
P.G. Diploma in Office Management (P.G.D.Of.M.)

Executive M.B.A.
Eligibility : Any Graduate + 3 years Supervisory/ Managerial experience
Duration : 1 Year
Medium of Instruction : English
Fees: US$ 450
Executive M.B.A.(Human Resource Development)
Executive M.B.A. (Financial Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Marketing Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Operation Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Media Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Pharmaceutical Management)
Executive M.B.A. (International Business)
Executive M.B.A. (N.G.O. Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Agri Business Management)
Executive M.B.A. (Retail Management)

Eligibility : Any Graduate
Duration : 1 Year
Medium of Instruction : English
Fees: US$ 400
M.B.A. (Human Resource Development)
M.B.A. (Financial Management)
M.B.A. (Marketing Management)
M.B.A. (Operation Management)
M.B.A. (Media Management)
M.B.A. (Pharmaceutical Management)
M.B.A. ( International Business)
M.B.A. (N.G.O. Management)
M.B.A. (Agri Business Management)
M.B.A. (Retail Management)

From The Desk of President 
The Global Institutes (TGI) comprise of a group of institutions, which is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to propagate education around the world. Not to compromise with the quality education, The Global Institutes has acquired the certification for the all world renowned ISO 9001:2000 to serve the student more confidently. It is equipped to meet the challenges thrown up by the globalization. Headquartered in Kolkata, India, the Institute uses unique research and innovative programs to support economic and social development. The courses offered by the institutes run by TGI have been designed to tune with present market needs. Its multi-disciplinary approach right from the Montessori to the Masters level of education, constant interface with the industry and networking all over the world helps create an overall development of the students.

TGI has progressively setup unique and concrete educational institutions for all ages to cater all needs to face the world, in an integrated and modern campus at various locations in India & abroad. The essence of the academic environment is its dedicated faculty, high quality educational infrastructure and student fraternity. At present TGI is running several Institutions, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities which include well equipped libraries, modern laboratories and workshops, sophisticated computer centres with round-the-clock internet connectivity. Moreover, well planned and modern hostels for boys and girls, spacious canteens, modern gymnasiums, swimming pool, health club are among other projects in the pipeline to be introduced shortly.

As one of the world’s premier education groups concerned with global development, TGI manages several initiatives that directly impact students around the world. These unique programs broaden the global scope and reach of the organization.

Hony. Patrons

  1. Prof. Dr. Jan R. Hakemulder, International President, Intercultural Open University, The Netherlands
  2. HRSH Prince Sir Egbert Phipps, The Isle of Man: A Crown Colony of Great Britain.
  3. Prof. Dr. John Jester, President, Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts, Canada

Hony. Advisors

  1. Padmashri Dr. Vijay Kumar Shah, BDS(Bom.), FRHS(London), Ph.D(USA), D.Litt.(India), DNM(Canada)
  2. Dr. K. Rajagopal,Vice-Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (A.P.)
  3. Prof. Dr. Suresh Prasad Singh, Former Vice-Chancellor, Veer Kunwar Singh University, Bihar
  4. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Ray, Ph.D, Principal, Bhadrak Law College, Orissa
  5. Prof. Yung Hsein Chung, Vice President, China Medical University, Taiwa
  6. Dr. Koshiro Otsuka, President, Institute for Holistic Healthcare & Medicine,Tokyo, Japan
  7. Prof. Dr. Bimal Kr. Mandal, M.Sc., M.B.B.S., D.G.O., Ph.D., Head Examinar, University of Calcutta.
  8. Dr. R. Kannan, M.Sc., MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India
  9. Dr. S. K. Verma, Ph.D., Chief Investigator, R. N. T. Medical College, Udaipur
  10. Prof. Dr. T. Kamaraj, MD, Ph.D., Director, Indian Institute of Sexual Medicine, Chennai
  11. Dr. K. C. Jena, B.Sc., MA, LLM, Ph.D., Principal,Lajpat Rai Law College, Sambalpur, Orissa
  12. Mr. Premananda Ranasingh, M.A.(Political Science), M.A.(Economics), LL.M.
  13. Prof. Dr. Prem Sundar Das, MD(CM), PH.D(USA), FRAS(London), FAPA(USA), Chairman, World Yoga Society
  14. Dr. Kalpana, Ph.D(Psychiatry)
  15. Rtn. Dr. G. Rajamohan, Ph.D., Editor, Journal of Professional Psychologists
  16. Dr. A. Ameerjahan, Ph.D.(USA)
  17. Dr. P. J. Sudhakar, Director, Doordarshan, Hyderabad
  18. Prof. S. K. Pathak, Vice President, Bengal Bouddha Association
  19. Dr. Pawan Sharma, M.D.(Ayurveda), Member, State Medicinal Plant Board, Govt. of West Bengal
  20. Swami Chetasanandajee, Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur.
  21. Dr. Dinesh Yadav, M.A., IAS (Ex.), Govt. of India
  22. Prof. Dr. Joseph Okoro Akpa, Ph.D., President, Luminar International Institute of Health Sciences, Nigeria
  23. Dr. Cohen, Ph.D., Israel
  24. Dr. Asoka Varma, Chairman, Sanathana Veda Foundation, Coimbatore