International Alternative Medical Association

  • The International Alternative Medical Association has been established to provide a worldwide platform for alternative medical practitioners enabling them to unite and speak in one strong voice.
  • The association provides the forum alternative medical practitioners to exchange ideas and information, concepts and knowledge. Through membership/fellowship of the association practitioners can increase their awareness of the trends and happenings in the field of alternative medicines in different parts of the country.
  • Members/Fellow members of the association can also participate in the international conferences organized by the association and its associates. These events provide the members an opportunity to interact with fellow practitioners from all over the country, and with doctors and therapists of international repute.
  • Through membership/fellowship of the association, members can also avail of its assistance in providing memberships/fellowships of various leading international organizations and associations in the U.S.A. , Malaysia, Mexico etc.
  • Membership/Fellowship of the association enlightens members about the opportunities that abound to earn and serve ailing humanity through the various benign and cost effective methods of healing, and enables them to actively participate in the development and proliferation of alternative medicines which is gaining ground the world over.
  • Through membership/fellowship of the association, member practitioners can highlight their contributions and achievements in the field of alternative medicine for consideration of awards conferred on meritorious and dedicated practitioners in recognition of their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Through the association, members/fellow members can share their ideas and participate in the activities of an ever increasing fraternity of fellow member practitioners, and be part of a dynamic organization of international stature and credibility.
  • Each Member/Fellow member of the association shall receive a beautiful Certificate of Membership/Fellowshipand a metal badge and be entitled to all the privileges such membership/fellowship bestows.

For Membership/Followship of International Alternative Medical Association

  1. Two Passport size Photographs.
  2. Xerox Copies of Qualifications/  Titles / Awards / Certificates etc.
  3. One copy of each book or important articles(published/unpublished) authored
    by you, if any.
  4. Membership Fee: US$ 100 or British Pounds 50
    Fellowship Fee: US$ 200 or British Pound 100
    The Bank Draft should be payable to International Institute Of Alternative Medicines & Research Center at Mumbai.