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The Board tries its best to alleviate the suffering of those who do not have access to health care facilities by regularly organising charitable clinics and camps . Social welfare has always been a priority of the Board, which in its own humble way strives to render humanitarian services to the best of its ability. Free distribution of medicines and necessities amongst slum dwellers and rendering of assistance, both in cash and kind, to victims of flood, famine, fire and other calamities caused by man and nature are undertaken with enthusiasm and compassion.


The Board’s latest social welfare project is its free mobile treatment unit which traverses the country providing medicines and basic treatment facilities to the needy masses in rural and remote areas who have little or no access to medical facilities thus enabling them to achieve health and relief through traditional and alternative modes of treatment.


The Reference Wing is a veritable storehouse of rare material on alternative medicines and includes articles authored by persons of renown in the field of alternative health care and by eminent doctors, scientists and scholars in the field of health and medicine in general. The Reference Wing also consists of alumni thesis and dissertations, all of which our students have full and free access to. Guidelines and suggestions for post graduate research work – thesis and articles can also be obtained from here. This assistance is provided by a highly qualified faculty who have successfully assisted numerous students in meeting the qualifying requirements of a dissertation for award of a post graduate doctorate degree.